2017 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Award Ceremony
Organized by the Youth Development Administration of the Ministry of Education, 2017 Taiwan International Student Design Competition attracted students from 71 countries and regions worldwide or from 910 school departments/institutes to participate. The total number of submissions amounted to 18,932, which has surpassed that of iF and Red Dot Design Awards in Germany, making TISDC the largest-scale international design competition for students in the world. Today (11/27), the award ceremony took place in the afternoon at NTUH International Convention Center, during which Political Deputy Minister Yao Leehter of the Ministry of Education delivered his remarks and presented the awards, providing young designers with support and encouragement.
For this year, the theme of the competition was “Opportunity,” with four categories: Product Design, Visual Design, Digital Animation and Brand Specified. After the preliminary and final rounds of expert selection, 68 entries received the awards, including the grand prix, golds, silvers, bronzes, honorable mentions and international design association special prizes, among all of which 31 were won by Taiwanese students. Regarding the four gold prizes, except for that of Product Design, the other three were all picked up by students from Taiwan. In the Visual Design category, the gold winners, Sheng-Syuan Huang and Cheng-Yu Wu, came from Asia University. Their work “Finding Taiwan Old Street: Three Scenic Views of Lukang” ingeniously combines strokes of Chinese characters and images of some renowned tourist sites in Lukang. In the Digital Animation category, the gold winners were Sz-Yu Pan, Zhou-Ming Chen and Sheng-Hsun Chen from National Taiwan University of Arts. Their work “Neon” depicts love in an urban context, with smooth and rhythmic images. As for the Brand Specified category, the theme assigned by iSee Taiwan Foundation was Taiwan Teaware Design. Eventually, Chen-Yi Lee from Shih Chien University created “TeaLab” by integrating pastry utensils into teaware. She allowed teaware to be used for pastry making as well, therefore inventing a novel design for Taiwan teaware.
In addition, “RUKI,” designed by Wei-Chun Lin and Yun-Jen Jang from Tunghai University, was a set of menstrual products specially made for Asian women, including a menstrual cup, outdoor hygiene tools and a record app, which help women overcome inconvenience during menstrual periods due to unhygienic conditions. Through the record app, users can be better aware of the changes in menstrual cycles. Yin-Ling Wang from National Taiwan Normal University, on the other hand, created “Pick and Throw” to address the issue of overfishing and ecological depletion of the oceans in recent years. On the poster, the palm imprints imply that if pollution continues, the damage brought to the oceans will ultimately returns to mankind. These two meaningful works were acclaimed by international design associations. Among the 16 international design association special prizes, students from Taiwan won six.
Students from overseas also performed well. The grand prix was won by students from Kookmin University of South Korea. “Water Mask Dispenser” was simple in design and usage yet strong in functionality. It can save lives in emergency, giving life an opportunity when disasters strike, which corresponds to the theme “Opportunity.” This entry received the approval of most jurors and won the reward sum of 400,000 NTD. The gold prize winner of the Product Design category was Chiam Yong Sheng Kevin from National University of Singapore. His work, “Folks Kitchenware for the Blind,” received wide acclaim of the jurors for its innovative design thinking and won 250,000 NTD as a result. Jexter Lim Sen Ye, also from Singapore, won an international design association special prize with his multi-functional tableware, which can be used by the visually impaired of all ages. Asish Mohandas from India, on the other hand, adopted the idea of pinball soda in stretchers. He used easy-to-float materials to facilitate the transfer of patients, so his work also won an international design association special prize with the reward sum of 100,000 NTD. Countries targeted by the New Southbound Policy had won only one prize last year, and this year, the number increased to five (the winners were from Singapore, India, Malaysia and Australia).
The exhibition of the 2017 award-winning entries will be held from November 29th to December 8th at Arts & Culture Center Taipei Tech (address: No.1, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei City) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You are welcome to visit it! For details, please go to the official website: www.tisdc.org
Address by Dr. Leeh-Ter Yao Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education
Address by Dr. Ching-Shui Lo Director General of Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education
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