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iSee Taiwan Foundation Innovative Design Awards Design Requirements:

About Entries

Design Element iSee Taiwan Foundation- Taiwan Teaware Design
Target Audience 

Worldwide students who are in design related fields

Main Objectives
  1. The teaware can be applicably used for better serving in formal occasions.
  2. The teaware can perfectly express the uniqueness of Taiwan.
Design Specifications and Notes 
  1. To generate creative ideas based on the vision of the iSee Taiwan Foundation. 
  2. The design must closely embody the image of Taiwan or the iSee Taiwan Foundation.
  3. The logo of the iSee Taiwan Foundation must appear in all design elements. 
  4. Suggestions for design: inventive, artistic and modern.
  5. The teaware design should emphasize iconic Taiwanese teaware and its unique function.
  6. The posters of description of design can be presented maximum of 4.
  7. If a special kind of printing or production method is used in the poster design, it can be indicated in the creative description.

About the Foundation

Name iSee Taiwan Foundation
Introduction The foundation was established by Sayling Wen in 2003. Ted Wen became the Chairman in 2008, and set the Foundation’s vision as “becoming an essential portal for the world to see Taiwan” in the three core realms of culture, tourism, and innovation. The dual missions of iSee Taiwan Foundation are to successfully market Taiwan’s unique character and heritage globally and to make the world as Taiwan’s service market. The foundation focuses on exploring, integrating and promoting the culture and friendly nature of people and places throughout Taiwan, with the goal of creating more opportunities for Taiwan’s service industry.
Mission To successfully market Taiwan’s unique character and heritage globally and to make the world the target of Taiwan’s service market.



2017 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Executive
Department of Visual Communication Design, Asia University
Address: No.500, Lioufeng Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City 41354, Taiwan
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