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“The Tao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced All things. All things leave behind them the Obscurity, and go forward to embrace the Brightness, while they are harmonized by the Breath of Vacancy.” (Tao Te Ching, Lao-tze )

Consider the cosmos as the Tao. The cosmos divided its single soul into many souls, and these souls were transformed into the innumerable lives that are we.

Born, we were—brought forth
from Mother Universe’s loving embrace.
As mortal beings, we wander to and fro this worldly matrix,
this well-spring of harmony and living union,
seeking Nature’s unbounded beauty.
Look up! Cherish the circle of life, nurture the world!
All we can return is thanks:
thanks for all we have and all we do not have,
thanks for every in-breath and every out-breath.

Relinquish your self. Immerse yourself in the circle of life, ceaselessly!

Students who currently enroll at senior high schools or above (Based on the internet registration deadline, and the participant must be born after May 31 1983, and be younger than 30 years of age. For female who had given birth before year of 30 may have 2 years extension per birth.).
Participating Works
The creative design of the competition theme "Transform" must be expressed in the participating pieces.
Product Design, Visual Design, Digital Animation, and Brand Specified
  • Online Registration and Online Work Submission: May 30, 2014 to July 31, 2014, 24:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00)
  • Preliminary Selection: August, 2014
  • Finalists Announcement: Early September, 2014
  • Deadline for Final Selection Submission:
    Finalists will be asked to submit printouts and work discs for the Final Selection. Related information and the deadline will be noticed in the finalist announcement.
  • Final Selection: October, 2014
  • Award Ceremony and Exhibition: December, 2014
Registration Fee
Evaluation Criteria

The design works will be judged on their creativity, interpretation of the theme, expression of concept, and aesthetic approach. Domestic and international experts in different fields will be invited to form the preliminary and final selection committee to process the evaluation.

A.Product Design Category
Creativity: 50%; Thematic: 30%; Design Presentation: 20%

B.Visual Design Category
Creativity: 50%; Thematic: 30%; Composition and Aesthetics: 20%

C.Digital Animation Category
Creativity: 50%; Aesthetics: 30%; Thematic: 20%

D.Brand Specified Category
Creativity: 50%; Manufacturing Feasibility: 50%

Product Design, Visual Design, and Digital Animation Category

Grand Prix Prize (1 winner):
NT$400,000 (approx. US$13,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Gold Prize (1 winner for each category):
NT$250,000 (approx. US$8,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Silver Prize (1 winner for each category):
NT$150,000 (approx. US$5,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Bronze Prize (3 winners for each category):
NT$60,000 (approx. US$2,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

International Design Association Special Prize (several winners):
NT$100,000 (approx. US$3,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Honorable Mention Prize (several winners for each category):
NT$10,000 (approx. US$300), and a certificat

Brand Specified Category:

Please find the details announced on our official website.

*The prizes will be adjusted according to the quality and quantity of participating works.
* The awarding cup and the certificate will be conferred by the Minister of Education and the Award Ceremony will take place in December.
* The winners will be announced on our official website and other media in Taiwan and abroad, to allow suppliers to seek for design cooperation opportunities.

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