ZhongZhong's Wonderland
Name of Applicants
Tian Shi, Qing-Han Kong, Yi-Xuan Yang
Location of School
Zhi-Yong Li, Fu Long
Name of School/University
Communication University of China
Concept of the work
This is a story about a boy’s loneliness.
An fall in the 1997, ZhongZhong crossed many blocks in the town to back home. But there is empty at home. His parents were busying to work to afford their family expenditure. And they almost spend whole day for work. At the time, he felt lonely and no more interesting for TV shows. He opened his notebook and concerned the essays topic A Happy day while the teacher gave them today. On the essay, he complicated a happy day that he spend with his parents. Then he fell in his wonderland.

2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Executive
Department of Visual Communication Design, Asia University
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